Sunday, May 6, 2007

Google Docs and Zoho, Google Labs

I guess you could say I found Google labs fairly interesting. I did check out the Trends section, but my favorite so far has been Google Notebook. I love that you can have basically paperless notebooks on whatever subjects you choose that you can add texts and pictures to as you're searching the web. For example, you could have a weight loss notebook that you could add recipes, exercises, recommended readings etc to at the time you find the stuff. No more going back a week later to try and find that article you read.
Google Docs and Zoho. I was pretty impressed with this. This is definitely something I could have used when I was going to school for group projects! It was so hard to get everyone together at a time that would work for everyone. Google Docs was easier to sign up for and was a little more bare bones. Zoho, on the other hand, offered more services and their format was closer to the traditional word processing programs, like Microsoft word, but it was more complicated. Definitely the one you would want if you had your own business. The great thing about both was being able to access your documents from any computer, it's automatically saved online, and you can have several people working on a document in real time together. Technology is getting scary.

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